No… Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would write poetry ( if I may call it that) but the night the Mumbai Attacks got over … I was so depressed.. shaken .. sorrowful and dejected .. I just couldnt sleep.. was sitting and staring at my computer screen when I suddenly felt like writing… I started typing and did not stop … it was 4 am when I was done and I reread what I had typed.. three poems.. My faceless freind ….. Message to a Nation and  Duty Bound….I was taken aback….

There was a feeling of having contributed in a very small way to heal the world from that nerve shattering experience….people who read my poems said they were moved  and felt it was a  wonderful way of sharing  grief… thus started my romance with writing and poetry…

Never thought that it was just God’s way for preparing me for the worst… in April this year when my father suddenly passed away and I was so distraught I turned to my writing…and believe me it helped… I felt connected to him… I could express my anguish and I  am still at it.. writing and healing through the written word….

 I write now and then … and its been an amazing experience…but now sharing what I have written with all of you is making the whole experience seem so much more meaningful… do leave me your comments and visit this blog whenever you can… I shall be updating it regularly with my new poems… and hope you all enjoy and heal with the same…

 Just scroll down to read the poems…or select a category to view my tribute to my father…..do leave me your comments…. they are my inspiration





Babula (Based on the HEER)

Teri arthi dekh asaan maariyan cheekhan

Tenu le chale babula le chale ve…

Main tan aai si tenu ghar lejaan layi

Kyon arthi wich tenu sajaan chale ne…..

Aakahn to door tenu jaan daiye

Te kidaan ashru sade sukhange ne

Kinj jeeaan ge tere bin babula

Saada sona bag ujad chalen ne….

Kinna pathar dil da rab haige ne

Jeda tenu saaden ton door lejaan chalene…

Onne vi dekhi hogi teri akhaan di noor

Te tenu vi rab bana chale ne…

Kina kathor dil da haiga rab yaara

Jeda mere babul nu kol bula lenda hai

Chadh dita menu tarapde umar bhar

Naiyon yaadan teriyan bhulan dinda ee…..

My faceless friend




taj 2


(Mumbai Attacks _ A Tribute to the people who lost their lives)


The sound of laughter the clinking of glass

The brightly lit room, the shine of brass

Shattered by a sudden sound

Gunfire going off round after round


People screamed and panicked with fear

“Some anti social elements must have come in here! “

Reassured the man all dressed in white

But his face said more, it didn’t seem all right.


He ushered us towards the backside door

My heart beat faster. I could think no more

We hid in a room awaiting the morn

But the gunfire kept going on and on


There were screams n shouts and painful sounds

We closed our ears as we lay on the ground

We listened to our people scream and fall

As the cowards butchered and killed them all


I heard a scream that spoke of pain

I heard her scream again and again

I shared her pain and sensed her fear

And I could not help her or even go near!!


After a few hours that seemed eternity

We were slowly led out and then set free

But it was freedom of a different kind

For I am still haunted by the screams of her whom I left behind.


So this is a cry, a universal plea

Please fight terrorism and set the world free

Let’s fight those cowards till the end

To avenge the death of my faceless friend!



Duty bound






(A tribute to the GM of the Taj)


The sound of gunfire and shattering glass

Screams and shouts and death en masse

He sprung to action and helped everyone around

For he was a civilian soldier who was duty bound


His thoughts went up to his family

He wanted to rush and help them flee

But he stood right there rooted to the ground

For he knew he was duty bound


He was told there was a fire raging upstairs

He could feel the heat and see the flares

But he stayed to help everyone around

For he felt he was duty bound


He helped people out and shut the door

He was told the fire was on the upper floor

His family was up, they must be found

He rushed up stairs, he was duty bound


He reached them just a trifle late

They had met an extremely unkind fate

He stood there still, his grief abound

Then went back to work for he was duty bound.


He grieved not for those he loved the most

For there were guests to save, he was the host

He helped each and everyone he found

And saved their lives because he was duty bound. 


For the sake of all those men  so brave

For the sake of the great sacrifices they made

Let us resolve to eliminate this evil that’s spread all around

For all of us are also duty bound.




taj 2



I fought and fought till the end…

I fought for the country and you my friend…

The pain n heat I bore it all

Till the time I felt myself just fall


I really did not want to go

I bore it till I could bear no more

I called out to you, you could not hear

I wanted to ask you not to fear…


For long after I am gone.

The fight against terror must go on

Don’t let my death in vain ever go

Stand up and fight till u can take no more


Our country is bleeding innocent people are dying

Fathers are grieving mothers are crying

Don’t let my death in vain, ever go

Stand up and fight till u can take no more








The year has gone by

Reflecting, reviewing, relishing, renewing…
Looking back at the year and nostalgically viewing…
What we received…what we got….what came….. what did not…
What we said…. what we meant…what we sent….what went…
What we lost… retained…wasted… regained…

What we learnt…what we knew…what waned…what grew…
What hurt…what pleased… what remained…what ceased…
What succeeded…what failed…what sank…what sailed…
What was quiet…what played… what went…what stayed…
What we learnt… what we forgot…what we remembered….what we did not…

As these thoughts cross the mind…conflicting emotions unwind…
Some sadness some fear… some joy some cheer
But there’s no time for regret as we should never forget…
Last year has gone by….but a New Year is here…

A Poem




A Poem

A soulful rendition …Most often in rhyme
Stirring our senses…our minds sublime

Elates the heart or can disturbingly touch
Such few words… that say so much

Some beautifully worded…. some very terse
A deep message hidden in every verse…

A story untold …a lesson to teach
An amusing anecdote or a philosophy to preach

Makes us stronger and helps face our fears
Makes us smile or at times moves us to tears

A canvas on which we paint so many hues
Our thoughts emotions joys and blues

A poem is not just a rhyme one designed
It’s a window to your soul …a reflection of your mind